Please choose only ONE option for all of your guests


Traditional Menu


Fresh Strawberries and Cream - £6.95

Fresh strawberries served with pouring cream and a shortbread biscuit


Banoffee Pie-£6.95

Chunky layers of banana coated in toffee finished with chocolate sauce



Filled with fresh cream and chocolate sauce


Lemon Cheesecake-£6.95

Served with raspberry coulis


Apple and Rhubarb Crumble-£6.95

Served with custard or fresh cream


Gourmet Menu


White & Dark Chocolate Mousse-£7.95

A dark chocolate mousse on a chocolate joconde base, topped with white chocolate mousse and dark chocolate glaze


Pavlova - £7.95

Summer Fruits mixed in a whipped cream with meringue and a fruit coulis


Chocolate Fondant-£7.95

Served with vanilla ice cream or pouring cream


Caramel Parfait - £7.95

Set on a chocolate joconde sponge base decorated with chocolate stripes


Individual Baked Alaska - £7.95

Vanilla ice cream bombe on a joconde base covered in toasted meringue